TMRP Global Health Pump Priming Funding

Now Open until 1st March 2020!!!

TMRP Global Health Pump Priming Awards 2020


TMRP and The Global Health Network are delighted to announce a new funding call for small pump-priming grants of between £2000 and £10000 specifically for methods research relevant to Low and Middle Income Countries.


The way clinical trials are designed, conducted, analysed, reported and interpreted should continually be questioned so that they are optimal and responsive for a broad range of stakeholders. As such, the past decade has seen the new field of clinical trials methodology research – research about the way we design, conduct, analyse, report and interpret trials. 


Applications are invited for research project, travel or workshop funding.  

  • To cover the costs of conducting a small trials methodology research project (typically proof-of-principle studies to facilitate further funding through other funders)
  • To host a local, national or regional workshop/meeting about trials methodology research with a view to subsequently developing a project
  • To fund an exchange visit(s) to or from another TMRP member/partner working on the same project or with a view to developing a collaborative project

Priority areas of trials methodology research have been identified from a LMIC survey by Rosala-Hallas et al 2018 in collaboration with the Global Health Network, including: appropriate choice of outcomes (developing appropriate objectives, standardising outcome sets, identifying patient-important endpoints) and methods for staff training (e.g. cost-effective and purposeful methods, blended learning incorporating new technologies). However, the pump-priming grants do not need to be limited to these topics.

We are particularly interested in supporting networking within the TMRP. So, your application may be enhanced by inclusion of other individuals from the eight TMRP working groups. More information here including contact details or contact us should you need an introduction.


Click here for further guidance including eligibility and the electronic application form. 


Terms and Conditions are below or can also be found here 


Deadline for submissions 1st March, Midnight (GMT) 

Please forward enquiries to the TMRP Partnership Coordinator


Terms and conditions

  • Applicants may submit multiple entries, but only one will be funded per round/grant call.
  • The maximum award is £10,000.
  • Applications will be assessed by a panel comprising the Global Health Working Group co-leads, the TMRP Executive Committee and/or invited reviewers from other Working Groups of the TMRP. Reviewers’ decisions are final.
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application no later than the 30th April 2020.
  • The Partnership will issue a Research Collaboration Agreement contract (drafted and executed by University of Liverpool) which must be signed by a formal representative of the Host Institute (usually the research manager at the University or similar of the Lead Applicant).
  • 20% of the award will be retained until a post-project/event/visit written report or publication (final or draft) is submitted by the awardee (within a limit of 6 months of the end of the award period) summarising the outputs and/or relevance to trials methodology research. This report (or link to subsequent publication) will be published on the websites of the TMRP and The Global Health Network.
  • We advise a maximum award length of 12 months.
  • A ‘Statement of Expenditure’ or list of transactions will also be required.
  • Any published or presented material from these grants will need to acknowledge the Partnership funding support – including statements such as “This work was supported by the MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership (MR/S014357/1 Global Health AWARD)”.