HTMR Research

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Our goal within the Network is Improving Health by Improving Trials. We work together to make a real difference to patients and the trials community.

Since its formation in 2009, we (the MRC Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research: 'Network') have supported the development of strong research collaborations between the Hubs and with other UK, and international groups working on clinical trials. 

We have developed pilot projects that would not be supported through other funding streams, and have supported many training and development opportunities. The Network contribution and support builds on the resources and scientific strength of the individual Hubs.

Details on current funding opportunities can be found here.

We promote and encourage collaborative methodological research relevant to trials, to accelerate implementation of the most effective and appropriate methods to improve the quality of trials and, ultimately, patient care. Some of our ongoing strategic projects include "Trials Change Lives", engagement with stakeholders, support of Working Groups, and clinical capacity building.

We are also developing new national and international research collaborations to benefit those involved in trials worldwide, and constantly reviewing and developing our strategy on Improving Health by Improving Trials.

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